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Download StrymTV App m3u list player, IPTV Lists which is available for Android and IOS. The best m3u8 player for Smart TV, TV Box, Google TV, Google Chromecast, Tablets, My Xiaomi TV and so on.

Load lists for Strym TV App

How to load playlist in Strym TV ? Learn how to add updated IPTV playlists in Strym TV and have free streaming content. Follow these steps as indicated.

1 Step: Open the StrymTV application.  
2 Step: Then click on ADD OR SELECT PLAYLIST and then click on the icon (+) at the bottom left corner. 

3 Step: Then select IMPORT PLAYLIST FROM AN URL and then you must add the URL List m3u and click Save (you can add soccer or movie lists and so on).

5 Step: Then you must name your playlist and click on SAVE (it can be any name) and finally you will be able to see all the content it offers. You will find live soccer playlists and so on.

Download StrymTV App

Powerful remote M3U playlist player, the app can be installed on any Android and IOS cell phone model and brand.

StrymTV Upgrade

Keep the app updated by fixing problems, bugs and adding new advanced features so you can enjoy your updated IPTV lists and watch sports and live TV for free.

strymtv app

StrymTV Playlist 2022

It is a powerful IPTV playlist player, you can add or load playlist of movies, series, soap operas, soccer, online sports and much more. Below is the official StrymTV Playlist to watch soccer and TV.

Install Strym TV

Use the app on your Smartphone and IPhone. Watch on Samsung, LG, Philips, HTC, ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, BlackBerry with Android, Honor and so on.

Download StrymTV App on IOS

Install StrymTV on IPhone (ipad, ipod), download app from the APPS Store in its latest updated version. Then you can create Free lists to watch TV channels. Use on IOS 6, IOS 7, IOS 8, IOS 9, IOS 10, IOS 11, IOS 12, IOS 13, IOS 14, etc.

Download StrymTV for Android

Now you can add Playlist on your Android using Strym TV App. Watch on any Android models with KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie, android 10, android 11, android 12, Etc.

StrymTV for Smart TV

The app works on all models of smart TVs with Android TV system. Install app on Sony, Semp, HTC, Hisense, Philips, Panasonic, Hyundai, Xiaomi and many more.

Watch StrymTV on TV Box

The best w3u player for Box Box, you can add remote m3u lists and play on your Android TV or TV Box to watch TV 24 hours a day.

StrymTV for Google TV

Now you can install the Strym TV Apk app on your Google TV and then load updated playlists to watch live broadcasts.

StrymTV for Fire TV Sticks

Now you can easily manage your m3u playlists on your Amazon Fire TV. Used on all Fire TV Lite, 4K Max with Wi-Fi 6, Fire TV Cube models.

Strym TV App

Install Strym TV for Windows PC and Mac OS X

The app can be installed on any model of Windows and Mac OS. Updated m3u player for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 and Notebook Mac OS (Imac).

strymtv app
Strym TV for Tablets

Used on all brands of tablets with Android system and version 5.0 later. The best m3u playlist player for tablets.

These are the questions that users ask every day.

It’s a m3u player, m3u list, json lists, enigma lists and plays Playlist m3u. App for Android and IOS download from Google Play app store and Apps Store.

To watch live TV channel broadcasts you must add a remote updated Playlist URL.

Just by adding URL or Link you can play online TV channels. You must copy the link and paste it into Strym TV.

Remember to copy only the link of your favorite list.

Powerful m3u playlist player that requires a m3u playlist to work and have full HD TV.

Strym TV m3u Official URL to login and watch TV.

Copy the link from your w3u playlist and you will have live TV. It only supports url of movies, sports, soccer and others.

If your Playlist stops working you should refresh and you will have a new updated Playlist so you can enjoy your favorite program.

Just add or paste a link to any soccer channel and you will have access to watch your favorite sport.
Just add your IPTV list and paste it into the Strym TV app and you can have unlimited soccer.

These are the best websites where you can get M3U lists, Playlist m3u to use in StrymTV.

– Teleclub
– SrRegio List
– TecnoTV List
– IPTV Pastebin IPTV Lists M3U Wiseplay Lists

Reviews of Strym TV App

Feedback from all users who use Strym TV as an IPTV player, m3u.

Great app when it’s available Everything is good when it’s available and you get your streaming started. Haven’t had many issues with lags but a few times. Great app overall but can’t get access to live events 50 percent of the time.

Ishita Malhotra

At first this was that best app I ever downloaded but then few months ago I could only look at two short movies that’s was it I emailed the support team still nothing now if the app works for you then great but u having problems like me just delete on to the next one Update The app is back up and working like it should that is great. When the app is working this is the best app so let’s keep it running right

Kylo James

I don’t know how you do this my man but you can watch any sports for free in the app. I appreciate you for developing this app. To the people that are having trouble I recommend following the page on Twitter, he usually posts new playlists there. Yes, there are ads in the app but you can always skip them after 10 seconds, I mean you’re watching premium content for free.

Ella Perez

Excellent, with room for improvement Everything thus far has worked perfectly, with the exception of the favorites button which seems to not add channels unto the favorite category. Overall everything’s been amazing- keep up the goodwork!

Elsie Ross


Download StrymTV App m3u list player, IPTV Lists which is available for Android and IOS. The best m3u8 player for Smart TV, TV Box, Google TV, Google Chromecast, Tablets, My Xiaomi TV and so on.

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